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Message from the President

Message From MWPVL Internation President and Founder Marc Wulfraat

On behalf of the MWPVL International team, welcome to our web site!  We encourage you to take some time to look through our Knowledge Center where we provide insightful perspectives on current and important supply chain, logistics, and distribution-related topics.  We will be updating the site frequently to add new content  so check back with us frequently.

2015 was our sixth straight record revenue year for the firm and we are very proud of our achievements, particularly in terms of the number and caliber of new clients that have entrusted us with their business.  The outlook for 2016 is strong and we expect sales revenues to continue to grow based on confirmed project bookings already in place. 2015 was definitely an exciting year for our firm as we continue to expand our coverage into new geographical markets and industry sectors.  I remain convinced that today, more than ever, there is a strong need for high quality 100% unbiased distribution and logistics consulting experience that is provided by seasoned industry experts who are focused strictly on the needs of your company's business requirements.

A few of our high-profile projects that are currently underway or that have recently been completed include:

  • A 10-year logistics strategy master plan for a U.S. grocery retail supermarket company that has a complex but effective distribution network strategy in place.  The plan enables the firm to expand its distribution footprint with the right timing, location and strategy.
  • A detailed study of the business requirements for a warehouse management system and full services to assist in the evaluation and selection of a solution provider for a large beverage and ice cream manufacturer in Pennsylvania.
  • The detailed master planning of a distribution consolidation project for one of the largest food and beverage wholesale distributors in the West Indies.
  • The conceptualization, design and master planning of one of the most automated pallet handling distribution centers in North America.
  • The evaluation of a distribution network strategy and 3PL outsourcing for a major American olive oil producer.
  • The design of 5 different options to reset and optimize an existing 141,000 Sq. Ft. retail and liquor distribution center in Miami, FL.
  • The development of a national logistics strategy and the reset and expansion of two beverage distribution center facilities in Trinidad & Tobago.
  • A detailed study of the business requirements for a warehouse management system and full services to assist in the evaluation and selection of a solution provider for one of the largest food and  beverage distributors in Jamaica.
  • The design of a multi-temperature conventional Produce distribution center for a new greenfield distribution complex being constructed for a major U.S. supermarket retailer.
  • The detailed design of 7 facility expansion options for a 450,000 sq. ft. food distribution center in Laredo, TX including a state of the art fully automated ASRS facility.
  • The design and implementation of the world’s most automated logistics center for a major beverage producer in the the Middle East.  The facility features 9 different types of automated material handling equipment including ASRS, overhead monorails, inverted monorails, laser guided vehicles and automated truck loading equipment.  The building will contain more steel than the Eiffel tower. Production output will exceed 1,000 pallets per hour when the operation goes live in 2015.
  • The development of an economic SKU-level flow path model for a major grocery supermarket retailer. The economic model details all supply chain cost components for every SKU from the source of supply to the store shelf including non-stock DSD items.
  • A detailed study and optimization of transportation operations and route scheduling for a major U.S. retailer resulting in projected operating savings in excess of $6 Million.
  • The design and implementation of a new showcase logistics center for a major manufacturing company in the Northeast U.S. region.
  • The design of a new finished goods and parts storage facility for a major rail-car manufacturing company in Virginia.
  • The design of multiple facility expansion options for a refrigerated food production facility in Virginia.
  • A major distribution network strategy study for a major Canadian mass merchant retailer.
  • The design of a new 800,000 square feet greenfield distribution center with state of the art conveyance and sortation systems for a major Canadian retailer.
  • An operational assessment for a major e-commerce retailer based in Texas.

The drive to increase productivity and efficiency is a moving target so where do you turn when your distribution operations have already achieved maximum performance levels? The best logistics managers recognize that there is always room for improvement. They understand that a  “fresh set of eyes” can deliver significant value through the application of creative and innovative ideas and industry insight.  This is precisely the role of MWPVL International.

MWPVL International provides a unique blend of specialized supply chain consulting services for high volume distribution companies to improve the quality, accuracy and efficiency of their distribution operations, distribution center facilities, and distribution networks.  Our staff of experienced professionals has managed a wide range of complex mandates for many world class logistics companies.  These projects have involved leading edge supply chain execution technologies, software applications and automation concepts integrated with best practice principles.  Our clients understand that copying a competitor's logistics strategy is not always the best path towards achieving logistics excellence. Our clients also recognize that true sustainable competitive advantage is created when new and innovative solutions are developed and applied specifically to the needs of their business.

If your firm is looking for a fresh set of eyes that can make a solid difference to your distribution operations then why not contact MWPVL International.  We can share our thoughts with you at no cost or obligation to determine if our qualifications are suitable to your business needs.

Marc Wulfraat
President and Founder
MWPVL International Inc.

Marc Wulfraat


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