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Options to Improve Labor Productivity at a Parts Distribution Center

MWPVL International Presentation - Options to Improve Productivity at a Parts Distribution Center

MWPVL International provides consulting services to help companies seek new ways to improve competitive advantage through logistics operations.  Logistics has become a required core competency for all firms involved in the global supply chain.  Achieving excellence in logistics is a critical aspect of providing cost effective and quality-driven customer services.

This consulting service provides a structured program to build a roadmap towards achieving world-class logistics operations.  


This consulting service addresses the following type of questions:Achieving Logistics Excellence!

  • Which measurement systems should be implemented to improve the effectiveness of our firm’s logistics operations?
  • How does our company’s logistics performance benchmark against other similar companies in our industry?
  • What steps need to be taken to improve the quality of our firm’s customer service experience? 
  • What steps need to be taken to reduce logistics operating expenses?
  • Is our company’s logistics management team in need of new talent and who may be available to help our firm?
  • Which companies are best-in-class and why? What do these companies do differently?
  • How can our company reduce warehouse employee turnover? Are there innovative ideas that can be deployed to increase employee retention?
  • Are there specific policy, process and/or procedure changes that need to be made to improve logistics operations?

MWPVL International provides strictly unbiased advice, combined with a strong understanding of distribution operations, to ensure that your company makes the right decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of your logistics operations.


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