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MWPVL International 3PL Outsourcing Strategy Consulting Services

Are Grocery Retailers Increasingly Outsourcing Distribution Operations to 3PLs?

Are Grocery Retailers Increasingly Outsourcing Distribution Operations to 3PLs?

3PL Outsourcing strategy consulting services are specifically oriented to companies seeking to evaluate the economics of outsourcing some or all of the firm’s warehouse operations to third party logistics service providers (3PL) or other distributor entities. 

MWPVL International can help to develop a 3PL outsourcing RFP specific to the needs of your business, to evaluate options for suppliers / strategies, and to make the right outsourcing decision based on all of the criteria that need to be considered.

3PL outsourcing strategy consulting studies address the following types of questions:

3PL Request for Proposal
  • Should outsourcing a firm’s warehousing and/or trucking operations to a 3PL service provider be considered and if so, why?  When does it make the most sense to outsource and conversely when does insourcing make sense?
  • Which 3PL vendors are the most qualified to provide shared or dedicated warehousing services for specific industries?
  • Which 3PL vendors are the most capable of handling the value added services to service customers?
  • Should all distribution operations be outsourced? or should a firm only consider outsourcing for specific regions, functions, and / or facilities?
  • Is it important to maintain internal control over specific aspects of a firm’s distribution operations?
  • What are the short and long term economic impacts of outsourcing a firm’s distribution operations to a 3PL?
  • What are the risks and qualitative issues to be considered with 3PL outsourcing?
  • How can a company develop an effective 3PL RFP document to solicit bid tender documents from prospective vendors such that multiple vendor pricing and service propositions can be accurately compared on an apples-to-apples basis?  How can a firm avoid unpleasant surprises by ensuring that bid documents define all services required by the 3PL vendors?
  • How well is an existing 3PL partner performing?  Are there opportunities for improvement and how can a gain-share program be established to share the benefits?

To execute these studies, MWPVL International uses a proven and unbiased approach to evaluating and defining a company’s current distribution operations.  It is important to accurately define the benchmark for current operations and to identify how current operations can be improved in their “as is” state.  MWPVL International develops tailor-made 3PL outsourcing request for proposal bid packages for companies based on the specifics of each distribution operation.  3PL vendor responses are analyzed over a long term investment period to identify the economics of outsourcing versus maintaining internal operations.  MWPVL International also works with clients throughout the 3PL vendor selection and negotiation process to ensure that each client obtains the best value when outsourcing distribution operations.

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