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Options to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Warehouse, Supply Chain Brain Newsletter, August 27, 2012

Whether your company is designing a new distribution center, or expanding an existing logistics facility, or planning the reset of an existing facility, MWPVL International provides highly experienced resources to ensure a successful project.  Our facility design consulting practice takes into consideration the thousands of details that go into the master strategic planning and implementation of a world-class distribution center and a master facility site plan.  Our company uses a proven methodology combined with leading technology applications to  ensure that your company’s distribution / warehouse operation is world-class.

Distribution center design consulting services help companies to answer the following types of questions:

  • Is there an opportunity to avoid brick and mortar by better utilizing existing assets? Are options available to avoid investing capital into additional infrastructure by maximizing the use of existing facilities?
  • Is it better to expand or reset an existing distribution center versus building a new facility?  What are the economics associated with each available option?
  • What is the optimal size, shape and height for a new distribution facility to meet a company’s projected growth plans for the future?
  • What strategic master planning options exist for a new distribution center?  What is the best type of material handling equipment for the distribution operation - conventional, mechanized or automated?  What is the business case associated with each option being considered?
  • What master site plans should be evaluated to optimize site traffic flow and to ensure long term facility expansion plans can be successfully executed into the future
  • What material handling systems should be considered to increase pick facings, storage capacity, throughput capacity, labor efficiency and operating flexibility?
  • Are automated and / or mechanized material handling systems cost justifiable for the logistics operation? If so, which solutions should be considered and what is the business case for each option?

MWPVL International has managed the design of many distribution centers, facility expansions and facility resets for clients from a wide range of industry sectors and countries.   As importantly, we maintain a strong network of qualified business partners and facility / equipment suppliers to stay current in our knowledge of the rapidly changing world of best practice design concepts, technologies, and material handling systems.

Sample Refrigerated Food Plant Warehouse Layout
Sample Parts Distribution Center Layout
Sample Retail Distribution Center
Sample Wholesale Distribution Center
Sample Automated Distribution Facility Design

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