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Direct Store Delivery Versus Centralized Distribution

Online Grocery Order Fulfillment Cost Comparison

Distribution Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry (Part 1 - Automated Pallet Transfer Systems)

Distribution Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry (Part 2 - Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems)

Distribution Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry (Part 3 - Automated Sortation and Truck Loading Systems)

The Dematic Multi-Shuttle 2 System - An Unbiased Supply Chain Consultant Evaluation

Locus Robotics - An Independent Consultant Review of Autonomous Robots in Order Fulfillment Operations

Kiva Systems - An In-Depth and Independent Review From a Distribution Consultant

Autostore - An In-Depth Review Of Automated Split Case Picking Technology for Distribution Centers

Latest Trends in the Warehouse Management System Industry

How to Buy a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Internet Retailers - Challenges in Order Fulfillment and Distribution Operations

get on top of your inventory accuracy

Should Calculating Safety Stock Include Supplier Reliability?

Where Did That Inventory Policy Come From?

What are the practices of leading logistics companies?

Distribution Center Automation in the Grocery Industry

A Day in the Life of a Fully Automated Grocery Distribution Center

Automated Foodservice Distribution Centers - An Affordable Solution Has Arrived!

Distribution Center Design Concepts Explained - Options to Consider When Designing a Warehouse

Need to Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity - Racking Options to Consider

Distribution Center Order Picking Technologies Compared

Are Grocery Retailers Increasingly Outsourcing Distribution Operations to 3PLs?

The Grocery Distribution Center Network in North America

The Art and Science of Warehouse Slotting Optimization

Look to the Sky to Increase Warehouse Productivity?

Full Case Picking - Increasing Productivity By 25%+ With Driverless Trucks

The Warehouse Heat Map - A New Tool to Analyze Warehouse Productivity

Is Cornwall, Ontario Set to Be the Next Big Canadian Distribution Epicenter?

Media Articles

DC Velocity - DCTV Rainmaker Interview: Marc Wulfraat Offers Insights Into Distribution Network Strategy


Same Day Delivery - Are You Ready for This Game Changer?

A Primer on Sortation Systems for Distribution Operations

How to Select a Split Case Picking System

A Primer on Automation Systems for Distribution Operations

Driverless Forklifts - Efficiency Booster or Gimmick?

Storage - The 10 Levels of Pallet Storage Technology

Slotting - Tools and Views on Smart Replenishment

Options to Improve Labor Productivity at a Parts Distribution Center

Warehouse and DC Management: Tips for optimizing the distribution center

Value Added Strategies for Today’s Wholesale Distribution Channel

OfficeMax Optimizes its distribution network strategy

Insight into Redesigning Your distribution network strategy

Supply Chain strategy: What Are the Leaders Doing?

Automation in the Distribution Center: Technologies and Systems You Should Know About


DC Velocity Webcast Series - ”Driverless” Forklifts: Efficiency Booster or Gimmick?

DC Velocity Webcast Series - Value Added Strategies for Today’s Wholesale Distribution Channel

DC Velocity - DCV TV 2010 Rainmaker Interview: Marc Wulfraat

Supply Chain Video News for February 25, 2013: Marc Wulfraat discusses the latest Technologies From Europe

Corporate overview of MWPVL International supply chain consulting services and capabilities


The Human-Less Warehouse is Becoming a Reality and For Good Reason

The Target Canada Collapse and Aftermath

A New and Interesting Automation Solution for Slow Velocity Products

E-Grocery Success Story - Tesco’s dotcom UK Business Model and Lessons Learned

Finally, an E-Grocery Business Model That Makes Economic Sense

The Secret to Costco’s Success Lies in Supply Chain Efficiency

Target Canada Supply Chain Woes

Walmart Adds HVDC to Cornwall - a Growing Epicenter for Canadian Distribution

Is Amazon a Threat to the Canadian grocery Industry?

Loblaw acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart - distribution infrastructure impact assessment

Sobeys Acquisition of Safeway Canada - Distribution Infrastructure Impact Assessment

A Look at Multishuttle Goods to Person Automation

A Look at AutoStore Click ad Pick Goods to Person Automation

Are Grocery Retailers Increasingly Outsourcing Transportation to 3PLs?

Are you ready for distribution center automation?

Supply Chain Digest - 2018 Guru Predictions

Supply Chain Digest - 2019 Guru Predictions

What Economic Impact Will the Amazon Sortation Network Have on UPS and FedEx?

Is AmazonSupply a Threat to the B2B Distribution Market?

Amazon is Building a New Distribution Network – Quickly and Quietly!

A Tale of Two Retailers: Amazon and Target

How the “Amazon Effect” is Changing the American Manufacturing Industry Forever

Should US Companies Think More Like the Europeans When it Comes to Automation?

Amazon Same Day Delivery - Last Mile Economics and Challenges

How Close to Reality is Amazon Same Day Delivery?

E-Fulfillment Wars - Will eBay Over-Promise and Under-Deliver?

Automated Case Picking for Grocery Distribution

Ways to Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity - Racking System Options Simplified

Goods to Person Automation - A Multishuttle Primer

Global Age Dependency Ratios Will Drive Increasing Automation Investments

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