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MWPVL International Distribution Operations Assessment Consulting Services

MWPVL International Presentation - Options to Improve Productivity at a Parts Distribution Center

Supply Chain Management Quarterly Review,Supply Chain Best Practices, Boost Productivity and Cut Costs, December, 2011

Even the best logistics companies seek guidance from experienced external resources to complement their internal skill sets.  The reason is simple.  An experienced supply chain consultant has been exposed to a wide range of distribution operations across many industries that most people will never receive in their lifetime.Distribution Operations Assessment

Distribution operations assessment services typically involve an on-site review of your company’s distribution operation, process flows, technology systems, warehouse layout, and material handling systems.  MWPVL International has developed a structured program that involves interviews with key management and operating personnel, electronic data gathering and analysis, and comparative benchmarking.  The deliverable is a set of actionable recommendations to provide management with a complete understanding of where short term, medium term and long term opportunities for improvement exist; and which options are the most cost effective to pursue.  This service helps to address the following type of questions:

  • Are there changes to the warehouse layout, material handling systems, or slotting strategies that will enable improved efficiency for a distribution operation?
  • Are there opportunities to improve the capacity utilization of the distribution facility to avoid an expensive expansion?
  • What is the most cost effective strategy to take to minimize outside warehousing storage expenses?
  • How can a firm reduce distribution operating expenses and improve accuracy and quality at the same time?
  • Are the technology systems being used in a company’s distribution operation appropriate? or are they an impediment to achieving the firm’s goals?  Which alternate technology strategies should be considered?
  • What productivity target should a company be aiming for? how should a firm measure these targets over time?
  • Are there specific policy, process or procedure changes that a company should make to improve its distribution operations?
  • Are there personnel issues that need to be addressed to improve warehousing operations?

MWPVL International provides strictly unbiased consulting services, combined with a strong understanding of distribution operations, to assess your warehouse operation, so that your company can make the best decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of your distribution center.

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