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Order Management System (OMS) Consulting Services

MWPVL International Order Management System OMS Consulting Services

Order Management Systems (OMS) are software applications that manage sales order processing. An OMS application typically manages processes that involve order entry, customer credit validation, pricing, promotions, inventory allocation, invoice generation, sales commissions, and sales history.  These systems are often highly complex because they support the fundamental sales rules that are at the heart of a company's competitive position in the market place.

Distributed order management (DOM) systems are different from order management systems (OMS) and there is general market confusion about this difference.  A distributed order management system manages the assignment of orders across a network of multiple production, distribution and/or retail entities to ensure that logistics expenses or customer service levels are optimized, based on a configurable hierarchy of inventory allocation rules.  Distributed order management systems do not replace the need for an order management system, however some OMS applications can provide a basic level of distributed order management system capabilities.

An order management system is typically deployed as part of an enterprise application (ERP, MRP, DMS) because it is the sales engine that is integrated with the company's inventory, procurement and financial accounting systems.  Some companies have deployed best of breed OMS applications that interact with other best of breed applications  Either way, the OMS is one of the more complicated and functionally rich applications that a company deploys because it impacts all aspects of the customer service experience.

MWPVL International understands the unique distribution complexities associated with vertical markets and industries because we have worked with many companies to identify the important details that translate into their competitive advantage.  MWPVL International has also cultivated an in-depth understanding of the application software market to ensure that our clients know which OMS applications are most suitable to their size of business and industry vertical.

MWPVL International works with suppliers, customers and business partners to provide unbiased consulting services that address the following types of questions:  

  • Which OMS software application is best-suited for our company, size of business, industry vertical, preferred computing platform and financial budget?
  • Should our firm deploy a specialized distributed order management system?
  • What are the main features and functions that our company should expect from an OMS application?  Is it possible to avoid costly custom enhancements to an OMS application by choosing an application specific to our industry vertical? 
  • What are the main differences between the commercial OMS applications available within the market place? Which vendors should our company consider evaluating based on our operating profile and industry requirements?
  • Is there a structured process that our company should follow when selecting an OMS application to ensure due diligence and to protect our interests?

MWPVL International provides strictly unbiased consulting services and trusted experience in helping companies with: 

  • Developing the economic business case and financial justification for an OMS application
  • OMS requirements definition and RFP development
  • Development of structured software demonstration scripts
  • Vendor/solution evaluation and selection
  • Software negotiation and acquisition
  • Developing the project budget, plan, schedule, internal and external resource requirements for deployment
  • Project management

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