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MWPVL International About Us

Founded in 2006, MWPVL International is a specialized supply chain, logistics and distribution consulting firm.  Our company provides consulting services to retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers from a diverse range of industry sectors and countries. Our clients seek innovative and proven solutions to increase profits and customer service levels.  We successfully accomplish this by providing leadership in supply chain strategy, supply chain technology, distribution center designmanufacturing and distribution operations, inventory management, and achieving logistics excellence.

MWPVL International provides strictly unbiased supply chain, logistics, and distribution consulting services.  We do not sell software or equipment and we do not generate revenue through the supplier channel.  This is equally important for both clients and suppliers that seek to participate in an honest and competitive bidding environment. It is especially important to our clients because they receive expertise from a trusted advisor with no hidden agenda.  The only solution that matters to us is the most cost-effective solution for our client.

Our success is based on five cornerstone principals:

MWPVL International Corporate Overview

    ▪ Deliver the highest caliber of value through a combination of industry experience, supplier experience and creative insight

    Support all executive recommendations with detailed operational and financial analytics

    Provide 100% unbiased and trusted advice at all times

    Implement and deliver the results

    Exceed client expectations on every project!

We would be happy to share our insight with you at no cost or obligation.  Just give us a call to learn more about how MWPVL International can help your firm by delivering industry-leading supply chain and logistics consulting services that always exceed client expectations!

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MWPVL International Inc. is a full-service global Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution Consulting firm. Our consulting services include Supply Chain Network Strategy, 3PL Outsourcing Strategy, Distribution Center Design, Material Handling Systems, Supply Chain Technology Advisory Services (WMS, TMS, LMS, YMS, OMS, DMS, Purchasing, Slotting),  Lean Distribution, Transportation Management, Distribution Operations Assessments, Warehouse Operations Consulting and much more.