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MWPVL International is continuously developing insight in the supply chain, logistics, and distribution industry. We are proud to present the most authoritative source of information for international software developers of warehouse management systems.  For further information on any of these companies, do not hesitate to contact us. Please check back with us frequently for updates and be sure to send us some feedback.

Warehouse Management System Software Companies


3PL Central

  • Founded in 2006 with headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California, the company sells and supports the 3PL Warehouse Manager which is a WMS that is built exclusively for 3PL warehouse operations. This WMS includes many features and integration capabilities that go beyond “standard WMS” such as a 3PL billing wizard, support for key EDI transactions and integration to an e-commerce shopping cart.

Acatech Solutions, Inc.

  • Founded in 1988 in California, the company sells and supports the Andaris Warehouse Management System.

Accellos (now Highjump)

  • Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Accellos merged with HighJump in July, 2014 and then was fully absorbed under the HighJump name in late 2017.  The company first entered the WMS market with its 2006 acquisition of Canadian-based Radio Beacon which had a strong Windows-based WMS install base for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).  Accellos WMS was rebranded as HighJump Warehouse Edge in 2017. For more information see HighJump below.
  • Accellos focused on SMBs and has a global network of partners to help sell and service the application. Integrations are supported to the Microsoft Dynamics suite; NetSuite; Acumatica; Sage, and SAP Business One.

Access Business Group

  • The Access Business Group acquired Delta Software in July, 2012.  Delta was founded in 1990 in the United Kingdom, Delta Software had developed the DeltaWMS application which was deployed throughout the UK and in continental Europe.  It is now sold as the Access Delta Warehouse Management System.

Advanced Business Solutions

  • Headquartered in Cobham, UK, Advanced Business Solutions acquired ATMS in November, 2012. ATMS was active for 25 years and was headquartered in Birmingham, England. ATMS originally developed a WMS and Supply Chain Track and Trace System application called StockTrack PLUS.  ATMS had a customer base in the UK, Dubai, Manila and China.

Advanced Systems Consultants (ASC)

  • Founded in 1991 in Ohio, the company sells and supports the ASCTrac® Warehouse Management System which has been installed in many smaller to mid-sized facilities.  They also have an impressive mobile delivery tracking / route accounting system called ASCRoute®.

AFS Technologies Inc.

  • AFS Technologies, Inc. entered the WMS industry through its 2008 acquisition of Motek, the provider of Priya(R), a WMS with an install base in the mid-tier food and beverage production and distribution industry.  AFS develops software targeted to the food and beverage vertical.  In 2009, the company acquired Interactive Management Systems, Inc. (IMS), a provider of ERP, processing and WMS to the meat and seafood industry.

AGI Worldwide

  • In 2006, AGI Worldwide acquired FinalMove Software Inc. (formerly Knapp Software which was acquired from Mont LLC).  Their flagship WMS product is now called AGI Warehouse Management System and is sold with modules to manage 3PL billing, manufacturing execution, slotting, and parcel shipping.

Apptricity Corporation

  • Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Irving, TX, Apptricity is a global mobile enterprise solution provider with an integrated suite of SCM applications that includes: Warehouse Management (Apptricity Warehouse Management System), Asset Management, Work Order Management, Inventory Management, and Transportation Management.  

Argos Software

  • Founded in 1979 in Michigan, Argos Software develops and services its ABECAS Insight WMS and freight management solutions.


  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Aptean was formed in 2012 from the merger of CDC Software (CDC which had filed for bankruptcy in 2011) and Consona Corporation (Consona), Aptean is a provider of enterprise software and manufacturing solutions to medium and large enterprises. The history of this firm includes many  acquisitions (e.g. Industri-Matematik International, Ross Systems, Pivotal, Catalyst International). In 2005, Catalyst International was a $40 Million provider of WMS software with a strong presence in the retail sector as well as a dedicated SAP supply chain services practice.  Today the company goes to market with a solution called CDC SCM which includes WMS, TMS, OMS, Demand Planning, etc.
  • In 2017 Apten acquired UPP Technology, a company that had been servicing the IRMS suite of applications originally developed by Integrated Warehousing Solutions, LLC (which was founded in 1986 as a division of UPP Business Holdings).  The company's flagship WMS is the IRMS Warehouse Management™ system.

Automation Associates Inc.

  • Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Automation Associates has developed the RF Pathways WMS which is Microsoft-Certified.

Bastian Software Solutions

  • Bastian Software Solutions is a subsidiary of Bastian Solutions which is a system integrator headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. In March, 2006 Bastian acquired ASAP Automation which was a supplier and integrator of automated / mechanized and material handling systems.  To support their client projects, Bastian sells its Exacta WMS which was originally developed in 1989.

BFC Associates

  • BFC Associates / BFC Software is based in Batavia, IL and is specialized in delivering warehouse software solutions to the Food service and Convenience Store industries.  The company develops and sells the BFC Dakota FS-WMS.

BloxxIT Solutions B.V

  • BLOXX IT Solutions BV is headquartered in Zundert, Netherlands.  The company sells a WMS called MBS StoreVision as part of its  LogisticVision Suite.

Blue Yonder Group (Formerly JDA)

  • Headquartered in Scottsdale AZ, Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software Group Inc.) is one of the top WMS vendors from a revenue perspective. The company's WMS solution is via JDA’s acquisition of RedPrairie which originally started out as McHugh Freeman & Associates in 1975.  The company's first WMS application originated in the mid-1980’s. They acquired TMS vendor Weseley Software in 1996.  The company rebranded to McHugh Software in 1997 after departing as a division of Pinnacle Automation.  Acquisitions in 1998 included Software Architects Inc. (SAI) (WMS)  and Gagnon & Associates (LMS). The company rebranded as RedPrairie in 2002.  In 2004, RedPrairie acquired LIS, a WMS vendor with a strong presence in Europe.  In 2005 RedPrairie was acquired by private equity fund company Francisco Partners.  Subsequent acquisitions include RangeGate Mobile Solutions (2005), Alta (2006), Marc Global (WMS) (2006), BlueCube Software (2006), StorePerform Technologies (2007) and GEOCOMtms (2007).  The RedPrairie Collaborative Flowcasting Group, LLC for demand-driven forecasting was launched in 2009. In May 2010, RedPrairie acquired on-demand WMS vendor SmartTurn which deploys WMS using a Software as a cloud-based Service (SaaS) model. In 2010, RedPrairie was acquired by New Mountain Capital, a firm dealing in private equity and growth capital investments.  In 2011, the company acquired SofTechnics, Shippers Commonwealth, and Escalate Retail for alternative channel commerce and on-demand TMS.  In 2012, New Mountain Capital announced the merger of the JDA Software Group and RedPrairie to form a supply chain planning and execution software vendor that operated under the name of JDA Software Group.
  • JDA Software Group rebranded itself to Blue Yonder in February, 2020.

Boon Software

  • Boon Software Consulting Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and has developed the Symphony Logistics Suite which includes OMS, TMS, CMS and WMS.  The WMS-Online application is the company’s 100% web-based warehouse system. Boon claims 150 logistics sites spreading over 15 countries including USA, Japan and Asia Pacific region.

Cadre Technologies

  • Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Denver, Cadre Technologies targets 3PLs and wholesale distributors with its WMS solution.  In 2006, the company acquired another WMS vendor called the LDS Corporation which had developed the AccuPlus and Verus WMS applications. Today the company develops Cadence (WMS/TMS/OMS/3PL Billing), LogiView (visibility), and Accuplus (WMS for 3PL).

Camelot 3PL Software

  • Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Camelot 3PL Software sells a WMS called 3PLink WMS which is a set of modules built to manage orders, inventory and billing of a 3rd Party Public Warehouse operation.

Ceritar Technologies Inc.

  • Ceritar Technologies is a Canadian software company with offices in France and Saudi Arabia.  Founded in 1996, the company has developed an extensive logistics ERP software suite that supports warehouse management targeting 3PL/4PL warehouses and public refrigerated warehouses.

Chess Logistics Technology Ltd

  • Headquartered in Manchester, England, Chess Logistics Technology develops the Empirica and Empirica Lite WMS solutions with a strong presence in the UK.

Consafe Logistics

  • Consafe Logistics is headquartered in Lund, Sweden and was founded in 2004 though a merger of MA-system Control and ABB.  Today the company is part of the JCE Group which is a large multinational with over 10,000 employees (Consafe has about 400).  Consafe’s supply chain execution / WMS software is the Astro Warehouse Management System. Consafe Logistics has a strong market presence in Northern European markets with implementation offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United Kingdom. 
  • Consafe has developed an interesting 3D visual technology that allows a company to analyze activities going on inside a warehouse.

Daifuku America

  • Daifuku America’s eWareNavi WMS is a full-featured WMS application.  The company also offers Rx WMS Lite for smaller warehouses and Rx WCS which is a warehouse control system to support its core focus which is to sell automated material handling equipment.

Datex Corporation

  • Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Tampa, FL; Datex provides a WMS solution called Footprint which has been implemented in a variety of verticals including Food and 3PL.  The company also provides an array of modular supply chain software solutions that include purchasing, EDI, transportation management and field service management for dispatch and repair operations.

Davanti Warehousing BV

  • Founded in 2007 and headquartered in the center of the Netherlands, Davanti offers 2 warehousing solutions: CORAX, the innovative, cloud/SaaS offering, and MLS Premium, the WMS for large, mechanized operations. The company has about 80 employees and is active in three continents; it has offices in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Delmia Apriso, Division of Dassault Systemes

  • Apriso Corporation, acquired by the Dassault Systèmes group in 2013, is a global manufacturing software provider that developed the Apriso Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which is installed globally at over 200 customers.  Within its suite of manufacturing solutions, the company offers the Apriso Warehouse Management System for manufacturing-centric warehouse environments.  The company has offices in Long Beach, CA; France; Germany; Sweden; Poland; China; Japan; Singapore; Mexico, and Brazil.

Dematic (Subsidiary of KION)

  • Dematic acquired HK Systems in 2010.  HK Systems was originally formed by the merger of Harnischfeger Engineers, Eaton-Kenway and Western Atlas (formerly Litton conveyors and von Gal Palletizers).  HK started out as a manufacturer and integrator of automated and mechanized material handling systems in the mid-1960’s.  In 1988, HK released the STOCKMASTER WMS which was one of the original WMS applications in the industry.  They acquired the source code to the Neptune WMS in 1996 which later was released as the iristaWarehouse application sold by Irista (a division of HK Systems).  In 1998, Irista acquired TMS vendor Kitimat and distribution software vendor Fourgen/Endura (later sold to Gilliani in 2002).  The flagship products are iristaWarehouse WMS and iristaTransport TMS. HK has also developed extensive warehouse control software. In Germany, Dematic has developed a warehouse management system that has been sold into the company's global customer base for automation solutions.
  • In 2015, Dematic acquired Reddwerks Corporation, a developer of Warehouse Execution Software (WES) that provides customers with real-time decision engines to optimize material and information flow in the supply chain.
  • In 2020, Dematic’s parent company KION GROUP AG acquired Data Applications International Limited (DAI), a UK-based software company specializing in logistics automation solutions for €120 million.
  • Today the company's flagship software is called Dematic iQ which brings together warehouse management and control features typically found across a warehouse management system (WMS) and the equipment management of a warehouse control system (WCS).


  • Founded in 2004, Deposco is an emerging vendor headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.  The company provides a suite of cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that are called the Bright Suite of Applications which includes the Bright Warehouse Management System (formerly ShipForce). The company has been involved in some projects in nontraditional markets such as in the hospitality and financial service markets.  Deposco’s customer base is in the U.S.

Donachie, Fenton & Associates, Inc.

  • Founded in 1996 in Valley Stream, NY, DFA develops and services its DLOC WMS solution with a track record in the Paper/Packaging industry & in operations with value added processing requirements.


  • Epicor is a recognized ERP software solution provider that provides a suite of distribution management applications that include a module called the Epicor warehouse management system.
  • Epicor acquired Majure Data in July, 2019. Founded in 1982 in Alpharetta, GA, Majure Data was a leading provider of warehouse management solutions for the lumber and building materials industry. Majure Data was one of the oldest WMS vendors in the market and their warehouse solution is the called RF Navigator WMS.

Erhardt + Partner Group (EPG)

  • Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Germany, Erhardt + Partner is an international group of companies with more than 300 employees in six locations.  Most of the company's 450 customers are in Europe (primarily Germany) with  most installations on the IBM i platform.  The company has in recent years expanded to also provide their core WMS application (Dynamic Warehouse Management) on Windows and Linux.


  • Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries. In 2013, Esko acquired Cape Systems.  The company's flagship warehouse software is Cape eWMS which was first released in 1995 and has roots dating back to Vertex Interactive which acquired Renaissance Software Inc. and Applied Tactical Systems in 2000.


  • Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE,  Exactus provides a supply chain suite called Aware™ which is platform-agnostic and includes warehouse and transportation management solutions.  The company is focused on supporting customers in the Middle East with offices in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

Foxfire Technologies

  • Foxfire Technologies is a smaller specialized developer of shop floor data collection systems.  The Foxfire Warehouse Management System has a strong presence in the Apparel industry.

Generix Group

  • Headquartered in France, Generix Group is the result of a merger between 3 companies: Generix; Influe which was acquired in 2007; and Infolog which was acquired in 2008. The company develops and supports the Infolog transport, warehouse management and traceability solutions including the Infolog WMS warehouse management system.  Generix Group has a strong European presence, especially in France (where it is headquartered), with 300 of its 320 customers based in Europe. Generix goes to market through 7 subsidiaries in Europe and a Partner Network for the rest of the world.
  • The company is trying expanded into the North American WMS market through its acquisition of a majority stake in Sologlobe Logistics Inc. out of Montreal. Sologlobe deploys and supports a suite of software called SOLOCHAIN™ which includes the SOLOCHAIN warehouse management system and manufacturing execution system, completely developed with advanced technology in a service oriented architecture.

HAL Systems Inc.

  • Founded in 1983, HAL Systems develops and supports the HALWMS application which is written in the .net environment. HAL targets small and medium sized businesses and has several options to their core WMS including Asset Tracking, a WMS-Light called Inventory-Basic, and a mobile inventory application for a warehouse on wheels (e.g. sale from from truck).  The HALWMS is browser-based and a fully hosted cloud-based solution.

HighJump Software (Subsidiary of Körber Group)

  • Headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, HighJump Software was originally founded in 1983 as Data Collection Systems Inc. The company was acquired in 2004 by 3M.  In early 2008, 3M divested HighJump to a private equity firm, Battery Ventures.  In July, 2014, HighJump was merged with Accellos and today the company operates solely under the HighJump name. Prior to the merger, HighJump claimed about 400+ WMS customers of which 80% are in North America with the balance in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Then in August, 2017 Highjump was acquired by  the International technology group Körber AG.  Körber AG has also acquired  Inconso, DMLogic and Aberle Software in the past. Today, HighJump has about 440 employees.
  • HighJump Software offers its original WMS solution (Warehouse Advantage) that is highly configurable and scalable for small business up to large enterprises.  Integrated Manufacturing Execution, Shop Floor Data Collection, Labor Management, Yard Management and Transportation Management are available as part of their suite of supply chain execution systems.  HighJump’s WMS is suitable for customers that want to take on and own support the product, including functional changes, with internal IT resources.  The company offers an option for customers to acquire add-on modules through its unique App Station offering. 
  • The Highjump WMS is primarily deployed on the Microsoft operating system although it can also work with the Oracle Database on the Unix/Linux platform. A strong direct store delivery solution is also offered for companies with DSD requirements.
  • Highjump also offers a WMS called Warehouse Edge which is the rebranded Accellos WMS solution.
  • In August 2017, Körber Group  AG, headquartered in Bad Nauheim Germany, acquired Highjump for an undisclosed amount.

Honeywell Intelligrated

  • Honeywell acquired Intelligrated  in 2016 and Intelligrated had acquired Knighted in 2012.  Intelligrated is a system integrator of automation and material handling systems.
  • Knighted has developed a 100% Java-based WMS solution called Vision WMS that is web-enabled and supports on or off premise solutions (SaaS, Cloud, or ASP/hosted).  Knighted also has a fully integrated labor management system and voice solution integrated into their WMS offering.

Huron Consulting Group

  • In November 2010, Huron Consulting Group Inc. acquired Click Commerce Inc. which was a diversified software company that had acquired Optum Inc. in 2005.  Optum was originally founded as American Turnkey in 1985.  At the time, Optum had annual sales of $US 40 Million from its MOVETM WMS and Warehouse Express product which was acquired from V3 Systems.  The flagship WMS product was called MOVETM.  It is our understanding that this application has been sunset.

Inconso (Subsidiary of Körber Group)

  • Inconso means Integration-Consulting-Software. The company was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Bad Nauheim, Germany.  The firm employs approximately 360 people. Inconso has developed an array of supply chain execution applications that include: warehouse management; transportation; load space optimization; Dangerous Goods Management; Supply Chain Visibility; as well as SAP LES Add-Ons.  The inconsoWMS product suite can be deployed in 2 versions (S = Standard for more simple warehouses; and X = eXtended for more complex operations). 
  • In March 2014 Inconso was acquired by Körber Group AG.


  • Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New York, Infor is a privately-held software company whose largest shareholder is Golden Gate Capital.  Infor has revenues of $3 Billion and more than 12,700 employees. 
  • Infor obtained its WMS capabilities through its acquisition of SSA Global in 2006. SSA Global had acquired multiple WMS companies including EXE Technologies and Provia in addition to their Warehouse Boss solution acquired from Computer Associates.
  • Infor’s flagship product is Infor SCM (Supply Chain Management) which includes: Infor Sales & Operations Planning; Infor Supply Chain Planning; Infor Supply Chain Execution (WMS, TMS, YMS, LMS, Slotting); Infor Supply Chain Execution for Logistics Providers; and Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management.
  • A significant percentage of Infor’s customer base for their WMS solution is from the Asia/Pacific and EMEA markets.

Integrated Visual Systems

  • Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Matthews, NC,  Integrated Visual Systems  sells and services the QuickPick® warehouse management system.

Intek Integration Technologies

  • Intek was founded in 1987 in Bellevue, WA.  Their flagship product is WHSe-LINK® WMS on the iSeries platform.  The company’s flagship product is Warehouse LibrarianTM which equipped with a slotting application. The company has primarily been successful in the retail sector.

Interlink Technologies

  • Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Perrysburg, OH, Interlink Technologies is one of the original WMS vendors to enter the marketplace.  Product offerings include custom solutions as well as 4X, DC Wizard, DPC Link, WHSe-Link and their flagship product, Warehouse-LINK®.  Warehouse-LINK® utilizes bar code technology and mobile computing with web-based access to support distribution activities for small warehouses through to large DC operations. 

Iptor Supply Chain Systems

  • Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Stockholm Sweden, Iptor Supply Chain Systems (formerly International Business Systems) provides an enterprise management system that is focused on the wholesale, distribution and manufacturing sectors.   As part of its distribution management application, Iptor offers an integrated WMS called Iptor’s WMS solution which is primarily installed at the company's customer sites in Europe.


  • Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Paso Robles, CA , IQMS has developed an ERP software system called EnterpriseIQ which mainly targets the manufacturing community.  Within the Manufacturing ERP System IQMS offers an integrated Warehouse Management System application.

JASCI Software

  • Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Elmsford, NY , JASCI Software is tailored to meet the needs of omni-channel logistics via the cloud. JASCI is a flexible multi-tenant, multi-company and multi-lingual platform that is targeted to companies in the Retail, E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, 3PL, and Wholesale Distribution sectors.  The software is currently running in USA, Mexico, and China.

Kare Technologies Inc.

  • Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island, Kare Technologies sells and services the Visual Warehouse WMS solution.

KEYfields Pte Ltd

  • Headquartered in Singapore, KEYfields sells and services the iWMS solution (designed using the .NET technology) as part of its suite of software applications.

Knapp Logistics & Automation Inc.

  • Knapp AG has its headquarters in Hart bei Graz, Austria and U.S. operations are out of Kennesaw, GA.  The company has been in the business of supplying integrated automated material handling solutions for 55 years.  Mainly to support their client installations / projects, Knapp sells the KiSoft WMS application.


  • Logility was originally founded in 1997 as a supply chain planning (i.e. forecasting software) division of American Software. The division was combined with another subsidiary called Distribution Sciences that developed transportation planning and execution software.  In 2004 Logility acquired the highly popular Demand Management forecasting software company.  Logility’s flagship WMS is the Voyager WarehousePRO® which is one component of its Voyager suite of supply chain planning & execution solutions.

logistics Reply

  • Logistics Reply is a subsidiary of the Reply group company which is a European I.T. services firm (consulting, integration, BPO services, etc.)that has been in business since 1997. @logistics Reply provides 2 WMS solutions: Click Reply and SideUp Reply (both have separate web sites).  Click Reply is a typically deployed as a hosted solution or as a locally installed solution while SideUp Reply is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application.  The company has a significant presence in Europe and is expanding into other markets. Industries served include automotive, grocery and food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, telecommunications, 3PL, fashion and parts distribution.

Made4Net LLC

  • Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New Jersey, Made4Net is a supply chain execution vendor specializing in WMS, TMS, YMS, and Routing solutions. Their flagship product is called WarehouseExpertTM which is a cloud-based WMS. The company claims 600 customers in 30 countries. They also have a solution called RoutingExpert™ for optimizing routing, and extended modules including Yard Management and Labor Management as part of an integrated supply chain solution suite.

Manhattan Associates

  • Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Manhattan Associates is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ:MANH) and is one of the top  WMS vendors from a revenue perspective with 2015 sales of $556 Million .  Manhattan has been in the WMS industry since 1990 and has 2,770 employees as at 2016.
  • Manhattan offers three distinct WMS products within its supply chain execution suite of solutions which include WMS, TMS, LMS, Slotting, Supply Chain Planning, Supplier Enablement and Distributed Order Management. 
  • Manhattan offers the Warehouse Management application for the IBM i platform which is a mature application (23 years).  This was the company's original WMS application.
  • Manhattan also offers SCALE (Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution - previously WM for Windows) which is based on the Microsoft technical platform  and has a certified integration to Microsoft Dynamics.  SCALE is targeted to small and medium sized businesses, 3PL companies, and emerging countries.
  • Manhattan also offers WMOS (Warehouse Management for Open Systems) within its SCOPE technical platform which integrates TMS, Distributed Order Management, Supply Chain Planning, and Supplier Enablement. 
  • Manhattan’s 3 WMS solutions are different applications with different functionality offerings that are supported on different technology platforms.  WM for Windows is the less-expensive WMS offering and is focused on moderately complex facilities and 3PL logistics service providers.  WMOS is targeted to the high end of the WMS market where companies have large warehousing operations with higher transaction volumes and it has been widely implemented in the retail sector.. WM for the IBM i platform is an older application that is sold to accounts that have IBM i as their platform of choice.   
  • Manhattan is strong in North America (USA, Canada and Latin America account for 82% of revenue) and Western European (12% of revenue). The company also has a large customer base in the Asia/Pacific rim.  Manhattan is financially very healthy and is poised to maintain its leadership position within the supply chain management software industry.

Mantis Informatics

  • Mantis Informatics is a European WMS/logistics software and solutions vendor, addressing the demanding requirements of large enterprises in more than 20 countries in Europe and Russia-CIS and recently in USA/Canada and Middle East.  The company's flagship software is the Logistics Vision software suite.

Manufacturing Systems Corporation

  • Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, MSC originally focused on implementing manufacturing systems.  Today the company sells the COLLECT® Warehouse Management System.

Maves International

  • Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Maves International’s flagship product is e-Z Ware WMS targeted to the 3PL industry.


  • Founded in 1994 and headquartered in South Melbourne, Victoria, Microlistics has about 30 employees.  The company has a WMS application called Isis which is implemented in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.  The company also has an office in the United States and is looking to expand into the U.S. market.

MiKroaid Limited

  • Headquartered in Doncaster, UK, MiKroaid sells the System 22 Warehouse Software System & Inventory Management Software targeted to companies seeking an affordable solution.

Minerva Associates, Inc.

  • Founded in 1973 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, Minerva Associates’ flagship product is the AIMS warehouse management system.

Navitas Software Limited

  • Headquartered in Dublin, Navitas Software Limited is a wholly owned Irish company which was formed from the acquisition of the assets of Asgard Software Limited (which was founded in 1992 in Ireland). Navitas develops and services what was formerly known as the Asgard WMS solution.

NCR Corporation

  • In November, 2012, NCR Corporation acquired Retalix which had acquired OMI International in 2004. OMI was a company that primarily developed software targeted to the wholesale and retail grocery industry.  In 2005, Retalix acquired Integrated Distribution Solutions, L.L.C., (IDS was founded 1981 as an enterprise software provider to the foodservice & convenience sectors).  The original OMI TRICEPS WMS has a strong engineered labor management solution alongside slotting and yard management applications.  The IDS Power Warehouse application was based on the iSeries and is often deployed as part of the original IDS suite of distribution management software.

Next View Software Inc.

  • The Next View founders originally started Sonica Software Corporation in 1994 which was later sold to Swisslog in 2000.  Launched in 2007, Next View has developed a WMS with an SOA architecture that is available with an on demand labor management system (LMS) together with a supply chain visibility solution.

NorthStar Automation

  • Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, NorthStar Automation (NSA) was founded in 2007.  After starting out as a VAR, the company developed its own WMS application (NorthStar WMS) which was launched in 2014 and currently has 22 clients in  food processing, wholesale distribution, fresh produce, 3PL and e-commerce.

Optima Warehouse Solutions

  • Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Stafford, United Kingdom, Optima is a Microsoft partner that has developed a Warehouse Management System that is targeted primarily to warehousing and logistics companies but also to other sectors such as packaging, manufacturing and e-commerce companies in the UK and Europe.  The company offers SaaS hosted WMS solutions / Online “cloud computing”.

OPTIMUM S.A.- Information Technologies

  • Headquartered in Athens, Greece, OPTIMUM SA is a specialized supply chain software company that has developed the aberon WMS which has been widely deployed in 200+ facilities in Greece and in other Europe Countries as well.


  • The Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a tightly integrated offering within the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) application.  It has a wide customer install base of companies, primarily in the manufacturing sector, that use Oracle as their ERP solution. This product historically has not been considered as a stand-alone solution for non-EBS users but Oracle now supports this WMS as a standalone distributed application. 
  • Oracle also offers embedded WMS products through its JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle Retail (formerly Retek) enterprise solutions.
  • In September, 2006, Oracle acquired Logfire and has since rebranded the software as Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud .Logfire was Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Logfire developed its Warehouse Management System (WMS) as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product.  The company also has a Productivity Tracking System (PTS).  Several members of the Logfire leadership team originated from Aldata and Manhattan Associates.  The company has about half of its customers in North America and is one of the few WMS vendors with strong representation in Latin America in markets such as Chili, Peru, Columbia, and Brazil.  Logfire has sales/support operations in the USA, India, Latin America and Africa. Their software has been implemented in 40 companies in the retail and apparel markets amongst others.
  • In July 2016 Oracle acquired NetSuite which was headquartered in San Mateo, CA. NetSuite had acquired eBizNET Solutions in 2014.  eBizNet was a provider of several supply chain technology solutions including the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) eBizNET Warehouse Management System (WMS). The company has also developed specialized applications for transportation management, port and cargo management, reverse logistics, and warranty and aftermarket solutions.  The company sells its WMS solution as an integrated application within the NetSuite platform.

PathGuide Technologies

  • Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Mukilteo, WA ; PathGuide Technologies’ flagship product is the Latitude warehouse management system.


  • Headquartered in Etobicoke (Toronto), Ontario, ProVision WMS is a subsidiary of Ahearn & Soper Company.  The company focuses on deploying its Provision WMS application in market  sectors including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, 3PL and Food and Beverage.


  • With offices in Wilmington, DE and Düsseldorf Germany; PULPO WMS is a cloud-based SaaS WMS application oriented to the specific needs of e-commerce fulfillment centers operated by retailers or 3PLs..


  • Founded in 1990, Quality Software Systems Inc. is the developer of PowerHouse/WMS which is their flagship WMS solution.  They also offer PowerHouse FastTrack, ePowerHouse, and PowerHouse TMS.

Royal 4 Systems

  • Founded in 1984 and based in Long Beach, CA, Royal 4 Systems develops, sells and services enterprise software for manufacturing and distribution.  The company’s WMS solution is called WISE and is sold alongside the company’s suite of WISE transportation modules.

RT Systems Inc.

  • Founded in 1989 and based in Farmington Hills, MI, RT Systems has developed the RT Locator Warehouse Management System which has a track record in tires and automotive warehousing amongst other industries.

Sanderson Group plc

  • In 2014, Sanderson Group plc acquired Proteus which was a WMS company founded in 1987 and headquartered in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The Proteus® Warehouse Management software application is part of a full Proteus® suite of application software includes inventory management, sales order processing, purchasing and financial accounting. The company has established centers of excellence in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Eastern Europe.


  • SAP is an ERP vendor that offers 2 distinct WMS solutions that are different (ERP WM and SCM EWM). ERP WM is widely implemented - SAP company claims over 5000 warehouse installations though many of these are lesser complicated operations.  Nevertheless, SAP has the largest market share of the WMS market because many companies want integrated ERP/WMS solutions as opposed to integrating best of breed applications.
  • The company's primary focus is on its SCM EWM Warehouse Management System which is fully integrated within the SAP Business Suite and also available as a stand-alone WMS solution.  SCM EWM was built on SAP NetWeaver to take advantage of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) consistent with SAP's newest solutions.  SCM EWM is intended to manage advanced warehousing operations and the company claims 600+ live customers use the application.  For companies not planning on deploying the SAP Business Suite, the SCM EWM solution as a stand-alone solution will likely be of less interest given the fact that it is serviced by an ERP vendor.

Savant Software Inc.

  • Savant is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and was originally established as Executive Performance Systems. Founded in 1987 as a technology services company, Savant developed a UNIX based, warehouse management solution for a large meat producer in the early 1990’s .  By 1997 the company began developing a Microsoft-centric WMS solution called the Savant WMS. It has been implemented in distribution centers since 1999.

Scout Inc.

  • Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Oakdale, MN, Scout has developed a suite of SAAS (software as a service) based supply chain / inventory management / warehousing applications including their TopShelf WMS.

Serenic Software

  • Sylogist Ltd. (operating as Serenic Software) acquired Epic Data in 2013.  Epic had been in business for over 30 years out of Vancouver, Canada. The company sells and services its Epic Data MMS system for warehousing to  customers in Canada, the U.S., the UK and China.


  • Shipedge is a proprietary web-based software that integrates both the warehouse management and order management systems specifically designed and tailored for third party logistics organizations as well as fulfillment warehouses and distribution centers.


  • Founded 1999 and headquartered in Reston, VA, Softeon has developed the Softeon Warehouse Management System with strong functionality based on a service oriented architecture.  The company has also developed other modules to round out its supply chain execution suite such including its 3PL billing module, TMS, LMS, Distributed Order Management, Inventory Planning & Deployment and Direct Store Delivery. Softeon has strengths in providing supply chain portals that connect companies with suppliers and customers to increase visibility and real time communication.  Softeon has a strong offshore development organization (Softeon India Pvt. Ltd.) which has 350 employees who support the company's R&D efforts.  Softeon’s customer base of about 60 customers is primarily in North America.

Sterling Commerce (Division of IBM)

  • Sterling Commerce started out in 1995 as a spin-off from Infosys and has its roots in providing EDI connectivity solutions.  The company acquired WMS vendor Yantra in 2004 and Nistevo (on-demand TMS) in 2007.  Sterling Commerce provides an integrated supply chain visibility, distributed order management system, WMS and TMS developed within a technologically advanced service oriented architecture.  In May 2010, IBM entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sterling Commerce from AT&T for $1.4 Billion.  Sterling's 2,500 employees are now integrated into the IBM Websphere organization within the IBM Software Group and the solution continues to be sold and supported by IBM and its business partners.  


  • Founded in 1898 and headquartered in Switzerland, Swisslog is a large integrator of automated material handling systems. Swisslog is known for their ability to design and build complex automated distribution centers and has worked in the U.S. to design multiple automated Walmart grocery distribution centers.  The company's flagship WMS is WarehouseManagerTM  though the product is not actively marketed outside the company's client base.

Symphony RetailAI

  • Symphony RetailAI is a company that was founded in December, 2012 as a result of the merger of Aldata and EYC. Deployed in over 70 countries, Symphony provides solutions to retailers and manufacturers.  Prior to the merger, Aldata was a midsize vendor with about 530 employees and a strong market presence in Europe (~80%) with less expansion into the Americas and the Asia/Pacific region.  Aldata had developed WMS capabilities for primarily for the grocery industry and also for retail execution and nonfood warehouses.  The company's G.O.L.D. suite of enterprise applications includes modules for merchandising, sales, replenishment, logistics and store operations. 

Synergy Logistics

  • Founded in 1972, Synergy Logistics is a UK based software company with the majority of its customer base in the UK. The company also has U.S. offices in Charleston ,SC and Chicago, IL. Synergy has an on-demand Warehouse Management System called Snapfulfil.    Synergy rewrote Snapfulfil in 2006 to be based on the latest in Web-based SaaS technologies for both product development and support services.  Synergy has about 40 employees and 60 customers  and offers a unique value proposition in that the company in that the customer does not pay anything until the software goes live. Synergy's business model is subscription-based and since they take care of the turnkey implementation there is no up-front capital investment cost for the customer.

Systems Logic

  • Headquartered out of Brantford, ON, Systems Logic is a relatively new company that has developed a WMS application which it calls Wireless Warehouse in a Box which is targeted to small and medium sized businesses.  The interesting aspect of this application is that it combines Motorola mobile devices such as wearable computers and portable printers to enable productive and flexible solutions for all job functions.

Technology Group International

  • Founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1990, TGI is a provider of manufacturing / distribution software solutions to small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. The company sells a distribution system called Enterprise 21 which includes the Enterprise WHS module.


  • Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, TECSYS is a public company (TSE:TCS) with the Brereton family owning 48% of the firm’s outstanding common shares.  TECSYS first entered the WMS market in 1998 by acquiring the rights to Provia’s Viaware WMS.  In 2001, TECSYS acquired TMS vendor Disticom and then in 2005, the company acquired ASI Technologies (iSeries WMS application).  The company's flagship product line is the EliteSeries distribution management system targeted to distribution companies.  In 2010, TECSYS launched Visual Logistics which is new concept that enables RF users to receive visual information for all functional operations, products, etc.  TECSYS  generates revenue primarily from the U.S. and Canada and has a strong market penetration with small and medium size businesses.
  • Today, WMS represents one of the company's core competencies with approximately 140 customers.  The company targets high volume distribution-centric firms; healthcare and hospital integrated delivery networks (IDNs); as well as industrial and equipment dealers.


  • TouchPath was formed as the result of the merger between TransitionWorks LLC (TransitionWorks Software) in the USA and AIDC Solutions Ltd in Europe and Asia.  The company sells and supports the Touchpath ERP system within which the  ‘TouchWMS' warehouse management system module serves to manage warehouse operations.

ValuTrack Corp.

  • Headquartered in Medway, MA, ValuTrack is a consulting and systems integration company that sells the IntelliTrack WMS.

Viastore Systems

  • Located in Grand Rapids, MI, Viastore Systems is an established material handling manufacturer of AS/RS, and Conveyor Systems.  Viastore has developed WMS and WCS Software Solutions that fall under the viad@t brand name.  The application is generally sold within the company's automated material handling solution offering. 


  • Vinculum is a global software company that provides a SaaS WMS platform for the Retail and particularly for the eCommerce industry. Vinculum serves across the USA, South-east Asia, Middle-east and India.  The company is focused on omnichannel retailing, cross-border solutions, sell on marketplaces and product information management (PIM).

Waer Systems Limited

  • Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Lancing, United Kingdom,  Waer Systems provides a range of supply chain software solutions which includes a WMS application called WaerLinx.

Westfalia Technologies Inc.

  • Westfalia is a large established automated material handling vendor that has been in business 35+ years and is based in York, PA.  Westfalia has developed a WMS application principally to service customers that have deployed the company’s material handling solutions including AS/RS, conveyors, pallet flow systems, and other robotic applications.

w3logistics AG

  • Headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, W3logistics AG has developed an ERP  suite that includes a warehouse module called w3/max which has been widely implemented in Europe.

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences

  • Founded in 2001 in Minneapolis, MN as Appolis, WithoutWire Inventory Sciences focuses on developing applications utilizing Microsoft technologies. The “WithoutWire Warehouse” is targeted to companies seeking a Microsoft-based WMS application.


  • Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Morrisville, NC, wmsVision sells the wmsView warehouse management system.

Wolin Design Group

  • Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Orange County, CA, Wolin Design Group (WDG) first released the Da Vinci Supply Chain Business Suite in 1999.  In 2011, the company released its first version of  CartonLogic WMS (SaaS). The company has numerous customers in the 3PL transportation and 3PL warehouse sectors.

Worley Companies

  • Worley is a third party logistics company that sells a WMS application called WAREPAK/400 that was developed by Warepak Corporation, a division of Worely.  The company is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Zebra Technologies Corp.

  • Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Lincolnshire IL, Zebra is best known for their computer tracking and printing solutions such as bar code and RFID printers/encoders/handheld barcode readers. Zebra FulfillmentEdge is not so much a WMS, but more of a layer that can reside on top of a legacy WMS to modernize an older application and to enable increased productivity levels.  This software is designed to enable companies to move away from linear workflows to dynamic workflows and it is oriented towards warehouse operations that need to efficiently fulfill smaller e-commerce orders within a traditional warehouse environment.

Zethcon Corporation

  • Founded in 1970, Zethcon is an independent WMS company that has been around since the early days.  Their flagship product is the SYNAPSETM WMS which has a strong install base in the 3PL industry.
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