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Message From MWPVL Internation President and Founder Marc Wulfraat

On behalf of the MWPVL International team, welcome to our web site!  We encourage you to take time to look through our Knowledge Center where we provide insightful perspectives on important supply chain and logistics-related topics. 

2024 is our 18th year in business and it feel likes yesterday when I founded the company. Over the past 17 years we have enjoyed consistent profitability. We are currently the chief designer of over $USD 1.8 Billion of new distribution centers and facility expansions in North America. We have been able to maintain excellent service thanks to the hard work and dedication of our associates and partners without whom this company could not be successful. As importantly, our company has achieved its earnings through self-funded income - never once have we borrowed money or received subsidies by way of government assistance or loans.  We are completely debt-free and always have been


MWPVL International is currently managing the design and implementation of some of the most automated distribution centers in North America. These projects involve a high degree of complexity and risk but the results are transformational.  We are also managing five micro-fulfillment center mandates for clients in the retail Grocery industry which is something that I am particularly proud of.  The unprecedented shift to online grocery shopping is placing a significant strain on supermarket retailers to cope with the high cost of servicing online orders. We are on the front line of this rapidly evolving market and we have gained a significant amount of experience over the past two years.  The material handling automation solutions and vendors are emerging and we have been heavily involved in working alongside our clients to manage the strategic evaluation, planning, design, business case development, and implementation of these systems.  These are exciting times indeed.

I remain convinced that today, more than ever, there is a strong market need for high quality 100% unbiased trustworthy supply chain and logistics consulting experience provided by seasoned industry experts who are strictly focused on the needs of your company's requirements. 

A subset of projects that are currently underway or have recently been completed include:

  • The design of a 495,000 sq. ft. distribution center in the USA which includes an extensive Autostore automation system for distributing Health & Beauty / General Merchandise / Slow Velocity Grocery products for a tier one Grocery Retailer.
  • The design and implementation of a greenfield 88,000 sq. ft. logistics center for a railway parts supplier located in the Midwest of the USA.  The facility includes multiple vertical lift modules to maximize small parts storage and retrieval efficiency through goods to person automation.
  • The design of a 600,000 sq. ft. centralized mechanized Health & Beauty Care / General Merchandise / Slow Velocity Grocery distribution center in the Midwest.
  • The expansion of a significant beverage manufacturing / warehousing facility in Spanish Town, Jamaica by approximately 60,000 sq. ft. including 17 new dock doors
  • The 151,280 sq. ft. expansion of a Mississauga, Ontario specialty food distribution center to introduce frozen food storage capability as well as additional capacity for chilled and ambient merchandise.
  • A strategic study to help a $13 Billion retailer to evaluate the economics and timing of expanding the company's distribution network in order to support future growth over the next 20 years.
  • The design of a 1.0 Million sq. ft. full-line distribution center for ambient and perishables merchandise in the Southeast.  The facility went live in 2023 without a single delay after an extensive implementation project.
  • The evaluation and design of a fully automated Fresh / Frozen distribution center along the Eastern Seaboard.
  • A 200,000 sq. ft. expansion of a large distribution center in Iowa.
  • The evaluation and assessment of seven different goods to person automation systems for a large wholesale distribution center in Texas.
  • The expansion of a 1.0 Million sq. ft. distribution center in the Midwest which will enable the consolidation of two buildings into one due to a 90’ tall automated full case system.
  • The design of a 1.1 Million sq ft greenfield conventional distribution center in Virginia for a leading American grocery retailer.
  • The strategic evaluation and design of a 900,000 sq ft (80’ High) greenfield fully automated distribution center for one of the largest grocery wholesalers in the U.S.  The facility is equipped with European automation technology and will be one of the highest volume facilities in the country when it opens in 2023.
  • The strategic evaluation of a micro-fulfillment strategy for one of the largest American grocery co-operative grocery firms.
  • A master strategic distribution network optimization study involving a fast velocity for a large grocery retailer in the North East of the USA.  The project involves the design of a 700,000 sq ft greenfield multi-temperature distribution center.
  • The strategic evaluation of an automated full case and repack grocery distribution center involving European automation technology for one of the largest grocery distributors in the U.S. with a budget in excess of $US 450M.
  • The design and implementation of a 600,000 sq ft brownfield distribution center with a complex conveyor sortation system for a power tools importer in South Carolina.  The design and implementation of a 1,400,000 sq ft brownfield distribution center with a complex conveyor sortation system including the evaluation of new automation technologies for the same client.
  • Multiple projects for companies involving the evaluation of software solutions to replace legacy WMS, TMS, OMS and purchasing applications in North America and the Caribbean.
  • A distribution network strategy and brownfield distribution center expansion study for an American  grocery wholesaler with over $120M of capital investment into automation systems.
  • Five micro-fulfillment center design projects for different grocery firms to support their online sales channels.  These studies involved a rigorous economic evaluation of shuttle technologies and “grid & bot” automation systems.
  • Master distribution network planning and master facility planning for multiple distribution centers and expansions for a major Canadian grocery wholesale distributor.
  • The design of two new centralized slowing velocity centralized distribution centers for two North American grocery companies.  Projects include state of the art automation technology for full case and split case processing.
  • The design of a 175,000 sq. ft. freezer expansion for a major grocery retailer in the Midwest.
  • The design of a 200,000 sq ft distribution center expansion for a Produce distributor in Pennsylvania.
  • A major I.T. and operational consulting and implementation mandate for a major manufacturer of roofing supplies in the United States for a WMS evaluation/selection project.
  • The design of a new highly automated 55’-high 650,000 square foot automated greenfield distribution center for one of the largest foodservice distribution companies in the United States.  The facility includes a $35 Million conveyor system.
  • The detailed master planning of a distribution center expansion involving the consolidation of multiple warehouse facilities in Barbados for one of the largest food and beverage wholesale distributors in the West Indies.
  • The design and implementation of a greenfield distribution center for a rapidly growing mid-size lighting and ceiling fan wholesale distributor in Illinois.
  • A significant project involving I.T. and operational consulting for a major brand name consumer appliance manufacturer in the United States to help improve a WMS integration project.
  • The design of a new greenfield 460,000 square foot centralized slow moving Grocery / Health & Beauty Care / General merchandise distribution center for a major Regional Grocery Retailer in the U.S.
  • The design of a new greenfield 640,000 square foot Dry Grocery distribution center for a regional Grocery retailer in the U.S.
  • A supply chain strategy study to consolidate and distribution operations across a fragmented distribution network and to outsource to a 3PL logistics company for a multinational toy manufacturing company..
  • A massive 10-year strategic distribution network study for a major California Grocery retailer.
  • Strategic advisor for a massive highly-automated robotic shuttle distribution center in the electronics components industry in the USA.
  • A strategic study to assess e-commerce distribution infrastructure requirements and operating expenses for a major fast moving consumer goods company in the USA.
  • A strategic study to assess integration of multiple business units for a major Canadian drug and general merchandise retailer.
  • A 20-year logistics strategy master plan for a U.S. grocery retail supermarket company that has a complex but effective distribution network strategy in place.  The plan enables the firm to expand its distribution footprint with the right timing, location and strategy.
  • A strategic study and a detailed warehouse operations assessment for a major Canadian retail apparel company seeking opportunities to improve distribution support for its retail stores and its e-commerce channel within the same building.
  • A study of the business requirements for a warehouse management system and full services to assist in the evaluation and selection of a solution provider for a large beverage and ice cream manufacturer in Pennsylvania and also for a major food and beverage distributor in Jamaica.
  • The development of a national logistics strategy and the reset and expansion of two beverage distribution center facilities in Trinidad & Tobago.  As well the design of a freezer/chiller building for raw materials.

The drive to increase productivity and efficiency is a moving target so where do you turn when your distribution operations have already achieved maximum performance levels? The best logistics managers recognize that there is always room for improvement. They understand that a  “fresh set of eyes” can deliver significant value through the application of creative and innovative ideas and industry insight.  This is precisely the role of MWPVL International.

MWPVL International provides a unique blend of specialized supply chain consulting services for high volume distribution companies to improve the quality, accuracy and efficiency of their distribution operations, distribution center facilities, and distribution networks.  Our staff of experienced professionals has managed a wide range of complex mandates for many world class logistics companies.  These projects have involved leading edge supply chain execution technologies, software applications and automation concepts integrated with best practice principles.  Our clients understand that copying a competitor's logistics strategy is not always the best path towards achieving logistics excellence. Our clients also recognize that true sustainable competitive advantage is created when new and innovative solutions are developed and applied specifically to the needs of their business.

If your firm is looking for a fresh set of eyes that can make a solid difference to your distribution operations then why not contact MWPVL International.  We can share our thoughts with you at no cost or obligation to determine if our qualifications are suitable to your business needs.

Marc Wulfraat
President and Founder
MWPVL International Inc.

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