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MWPVL International is a leading supply chain, logistics, and distribution consulting firm that exceeds client expectations by hiring people who recognize that this value is at the very core of what it means to be successful.  Careers at MWPVL InternationalMWPVL International provides employees with a unique opportunity to achieve the highest level of personal maturity and growth though challenging projects within the supply chain and logistics industries.  We believe that consulting can be exciting because it presents a unique opportunity to creatively solve difficult problems for which there is no simple solution or formulaic approach to use.  We seek individuals who are willing to make sacrifices and commitments to support the firm’s vision and growth in exchange for the rewards of experiencing the first-hand satisfaction of client success.

MWPVL International continuously seeks to provide a fun place to work for innovative people who have a positive and “winning” attitude.  Unlike many other consulting firms, our business model is based on achieving growth through strong business partnerships with other leading firms in our industry.  Our vision is to provide the best overall solution to our clients and we recognize that the required skill sets may be sourced through a combination of internal and external resources.  Our business partners and clients expect the highest level of ethical standards and professional integrity and our employees are responsible to ensure that we maintain our reputation as a trusted partner.

MWPVL International has its global headquarters in Montreal, Canada but our clients are generally located throughout North America, Europe, The Middle East, and the Caribbean.  Our employees typically work from home offices and travel to client locations.  Employees must be willing to travel though we have the highest respect for the fact that there is no place like home. 

We are always on the lookout for qualified supply chain experts who can fit into our corporate culture. Why not find out why our customers, partners and competitors view MWPVL International as a leader in the supply chain consulting industry?  Please contact us to learn more.

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MWPVL International Inc. is a full-service global Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution Consulting firm. Our consulting services include Supply Chain Network Strategy, 3PL Outsourcing Strategy, Distribution Center Design, Material Handling Systems, Supply Chain Technology Advisory Services (WMS, TMS, LMS, YMS, OMS, DMS, Purchasing, Slotting),  Lean Distribution, Transportation Management, Distribution Operations Assessments, Warehouse Operations Consulting and much more.